"I am extremely happy that I encountered you on the Internet! You are charming, highly professional, and your service is very useful! I can feel myself the tension you describe in your diagnostics, but could not cope with it without an expert such as you..."
@nanutsy - client from Instagram

"Ekaterina made me look at myself from completely different and unusual angle... She helped me to understand that I crave for stable and certain way of living, that I like a happy middle and love to look for ideals, something beautiful and perfect. That I like to demonstrate to other people the depths of my soul and I am still looking for myself, haven't settled in life yet... That's the story of mine. Well, let's see what we can do next!"
@tati_tata_papykina - client from Instagram

"Ekaterina, thank you very much for your live translation! You give a lot of useful information! I use your recommendations: gradually decrease tempo and make my speech smoother - and it's the second day in the row that I feel myself much calmer, even in stress situations) Thank you again! I'm so glad that somehow I stumbled upon your Instagram account)
@anastavoice - client from Instagram

"Me too, I want to share my experience after master class. I'm quite an adult person, but I got sooooo much useful information! I just feel sorry that this advice and knowledge I got so late. My dear girls, I very much frecommend you to attend Ekaterina's master classes - they are invaluable! Because you have a whole life ahead and you have to... no, you must make it happy! As for Ekaterina, she will tell you how, in a light and entgertaining way, and will help you along the was. Katya, thank you for everything!"
@lyubov.zavalko - client from Instagram

"I am ready to share my feedback after master class for men! The format is amazing! There's no any inconvenience that the trainer is a girl - on the contrary, she tells many things that only a girl can know. And it's a lot of fun. In the first run, nobody makes it right. You realize that before you always talked to girls like you did a job interview) These trainings have lots of value!"
@hozyukot - client from Instagram

"The master class is highly valuable, useful and interesting. The time flew by too fast. To receive the knowledge and practical advice, as well as the exercises from Ekaterina - that means quite a lot! In individual comments, each participant got diagnostics of their voice. I began implementing all recommendations in practice and already got promising results! I appreciate your work very much, Ekaterina!"
"The very fact of acquaintance with Ekaterina is a key event for me. It's so exciting to find out about yourself based on your voice parameters! And even more useful to get individual advice from the author of the technique. I am so grateful to you!"
@alexsvet333 - client from Instagram

"I was re-reading your diagnostics over and over again for 24 hours! To say that I was shocked would be an understatement. And you got straight to the point. Is it really possible to understand the very essence of a person just using their voice? You are a genius, Katya! Thank you!"
@iriwka096 - client from Instagram

"I am so waiting for a webinar) It is so interesting for me) I have already started to make a habit of smiling more and talikng to my children in a friendly, calm and kindly way) So, this information is right what I need)
@danilovamariya89 - client from Instagram

"I want to share my impression about the master class as well. It was very interesting, informative and entertaining! Thank you, Katya!"
@elen_burova - client from Instagram

"You should fight for voice diagnostics! Diagnostics... this is just one word, but to what extent it changes your life! It gives you strenght and confidence! In the beginning you are frightened, then you feel invincible, then you are frightened again, and then there is the effect - and you, looking back, think: is it really I have managed to do all of this?
Voice diagnostics turns you inside out, and you can see who you really are! And not who you are forced to be by others or you imagine to be.
One year has passed... and all this time Katya gives you support exactly in the moments when it is most needed, like she hears your every thought and your every sigh and she writes to you!"
@shatskikh.yuliya - client from Instagram

"Hi, Ekaterina. I am glad that I attended your webinar "Tactics with a man". I'm very grateful that you still conduct small master classes - they are very useful. Just 2 hours of training was enough for me to understand a very important point based on my own voice and the voices of men who always brought stress to me - it turns out they were just not my fit. I so appreciate your work and the master class you carried out ????!
Also I want to add one more remark, this time not about the master class. You technique is unique (there are not any other like yours). I stopped attending variuos webinars for quite a time, but I can say that your voice work is better than visit a psychologist. In my view, it's just more effective. A year ago you made my voice diagnostics and mentioned that "my body is on edge". I was horse riding that time - and it was quite stressful for me. I had a seriuos breakdown, then went through one-year therapy and just then, during the therapy I realized that that was my limit. When I was reading your diagnostics I knew that you are correct, but could not feel my way through it.
I want to leave feedback after big work! Everything started from voice diagnostics by Ekaterina. It impressed me a lot. Then I attended several short master classes. And finally I signed for the "Open your voice" training. In short - now, after the training, I can no longer to my old voice - so strained and ugly it seems now (though before I thought that it's quite strong and normal). And now it becomes clear how much stress I endured every day, and I was creating this stress myself by my own voice! The beginning of the training was tough - opening the voice leads to total transformation of your personality.
So, the training got integrative - work over body, and voice, and your whole personality. But I got so many benefits! The tension in my thoughts, as well as insomnia, went away. My reactions to stress situations changed. Now I feel comfort in the body and have a good mood (we drilled positive intonations in the voice). I developed a good habit of listening to people's voices and now I can define their mood. Ekaterina explains in detail which exactly voice parameters indicate to what the person is feeling and how it is better to communicate with him or her. She also explains how to deal with negative attitude towards you and how to use voice to eliminate a conflict.
I am very happy that I went through this training, it really gives excellent results. Not only my new voice which I enjoy every moment (I even started to talk over the phone more often and record my own voice), but some positive changes happened in my life. But you should prepare that the work continue after the training is over - it needs time for all the changes to take root, to finally embrace not only your new voice but your new self as well (that is, your real self), so that they do not run away from you. I am very grateful to Ekaterina for her work (!) Yes, I would like to add that I attended this training with my family, and it was even more useful!
@allakrasnova_astrologer - client from Instagram

"It is very amusing that you can read the person using their voice. Even amazing. You got right to the point regarding the thing that I now want most of all."
@kh.rada09 - client from Instagram

"Ekaterina, there is hardly anything that can surprise me in this life, but what happened yesterday is pure magic! And I am serious!
I thank the Heavens that I have met you! Yesterday's master class demonstrated how professional you are! In the morning I just opened my eyes and realized that something has changed... Changed in the direction of freedom... Do you understand - this is the feeling bringing piece, confidence and harmony deep inside the soul!
I really, really want to develop my voice with you! And your master class showed me clearly that this is possible. What can I say - this is all due to your help! I want that my voice suite my looks 100%. I greatly thank you for your work, your blog and your kindness! All the best to you! Piece be with you, your loved ones and your home!
@a_m_u_r_o_v_n_a - client from Instagram

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